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Campbell River Art Gallery offers a wide assortment of contemporary art-making experiences, from exhibition tours and classes in our studio, to Artist in the School Program and Super Saturdays children and families.


A Night of Syrian Film

June 5 at 7:00 pm  // A Night of Syrian Film 
As a compliment to the showing of “Behind the Lines: Contemporary Syrian Art,” the CRAG is hosting an evening of Syrian Film that will offer a deeper context and engagement with the artwork hanging in the gallery. This evening will challenge and inspire perspectives on the strength of human spirit and the ability to love and hope during great hardships.

Love During the Siege, Diaries of a family in the besieged southern Damascus (15 mins)
A film by Mattar Ismaeel

More than two years have passed and the Syrian regime still besieges the Southern suburbs of Damascus where a population of more than 100,000 people live until today. During those two years, more than 200 died of hunger and the lack of medical care. The remaining still live under the siege, surviving only by what grows from the Earth. They fight the siege and hunger through hope and love they have learned to find during the hardest of time.

A film by Benedetta Argentieri

I AM THE REVOLUTION is an empowering portrait of three determined women in the Middle East who are leading the fight for gender equality and freedom. Politician Selay Ghaffar is one of the most wanted people in the world by the Taliban and yet she still travels through Afghanistan to educate other women about their rights. Rojda Felat is a commander of the Syrian Democratic Army, leading 60,000 troops to defeat ISIS, including freeing their hold on Raqqa and rescuing its people. And Yanar Mohammed, named by the BBC as one of 100 most influential women in the world in 2018, pushes for parliamentary reform in Iraq while running shelters for abused women. I AM THE REVOLUTION challenges the images of veiled, silent women in the Middle East and instead reveals the extraordinary strength of women rising up on the front lines to claim their voice and their rights.

TATLIT (4 mins)
A film by Bu Nasser al Touffar

This short uplifting film by Bu Nasser al Touffar is set in the besieged region of Eastern Ghouta and is a celebration of voice and resilience despite the barriers of injustice, siege, and bombardment. It is a demonstration of hope, endurance and the power of human connections.

2nd Showing Opening Reception

June 13, 2019 at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

All new work will be revealed in the 2nd half of “Behind The Lines: Contemporary Syrian Art.” Join us for an Opening Reception launching this important exhibition and it’s celebration of the human spirit. Light refreshments and entertainment.

An Afternoon of Syrian Music, Food and Dance

June 15, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 3: 00 pm

Truly engage with the current exhibition, “Behind the Lines: Contemporary Syrian Art” in an afternoon to Syrian music, dance and food in Spirit Square. Enjoy some tasty eats with Baba Gannouj Food Truck, listen to the intriguing traditional music of Syria and watch as some local families share their love of dance from their homeland. This is truly an opportunity to see the heart and soul of this ancient civilization.

CRAG will also be leading guided talks through the ‘Behind the Lines’ exhibition and kids will be invited to learn how to write their name in arabic.


Campbell River Art Gallery has a small bursary fund for youth or adults who need assistance with the cost of a workshop. A bursary provides a 50% reduction on the registration price. To apply for a bursary for a specific class or workshop, please fill out the following form, here.