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You are one step closer to becoming an official sponsor for the Campbell River Art Gallery (CRAG). To make you an official sponsor, click on the following link:

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CRAG Interactive Sponsorship Brochure

The Campbell River Art Gallery (CRAG) is in a period of growth and is excited to contribute to the cultural landscape of Campbell River in a new and novel way.

The CRAG is asking you for $1,500.00 to become an official sponsor of the exhibition of your choice. Your sponsorship will include:

  • Your name and logo displayed prominently in the Gallery and all promotional materials associated with the exhibition
  • Sponsor visibility on all promotional materials associated with the Gallery such as CRAG website, local newspaper, newsletters, printed posters and radio advertisement

We have some exciting exhibitions at the CRAG in the upcoming months. We are asking you to become a CRAG sponsor for one of the upcoming exhibitions below.

Slow Technology (March 7 – May 1) The exhibition examines themes of materiality, gender, and how technology affects human interactions and relationships through the artworks of three female artists: Kelsey Epp, Emily Hermant, Ingrid Mary Percy.

Collage, sans colle (March 1 – November 18) The work of eighteen contemporary collage artists from across Canada is presented under three separate themes in our hallway cases. Presented in three-parts – “The broad reach of collage”, “Landscapes of the Interior” & “Voices Afar”. Special monthly collage workshops will be offered in our lobby.

Behind the Lines (May 9 – July 3)  Presenting the work of twenty Syrian artists, this powerful exhibition provides a unique window into the lives and minds of those affected by the devastating civil

Fiona Annis: New Work  (July 11 – Sept. 4)  An exhibition that will gather the results of the artist’s exploration of the connections between astronomy and photography, including research completed during a residency in Naples, Italy at an observatory and museum of astronomical instruments.

Rest Stop & Crummy II  (Sept. 21 – Nov. 18)  This exhibition features two new interactive sculptural installations that provoke reflection on the politics of contested public spaces. Featuring a work outside the Gallery from the following family of artist: Cedric, Nathan & Jim Bomford.

We are excited to provide you with this special opportunity to support the arts in your community.

Please feel free to contact Campbell River Art Gallery’s Executive Director, Vicky Chainey Gagnon or the Operations Manager, Alison Liebel at 250-287-2261 with any further inquiries.