April 8 to May 27, 2023

Main Gallery

Presented by the Campbell River Art Gallery and the Campbell River Arts Council

It’s a favourite time of year when the gallery is filled with the exciting variety of artwork that comes from local imagination and experience. Join us for the Members’ Show, the time honoured tradition of celebrating the many talented artists that live in Campbell River and the region. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

Join us for the opening reception and a celebration of long time contributor and volunteer Heather Hughson on April 14, 5-7pm.

This years artists:

Erin Laye

Marusha Xeros

Ann-Louise Beaumont

Ken Blackburn

Kathryn Botsford

Ian Bowles

Kate Bridger

Sarmad Almouallem

Ted Chalaturnyk

Sandra Chow

Trevor Cole

D. Ross Fisher

Julie Glaspy

Lynn Hood

Vince Kehn

Jacqueline Kumar

Darren Larose

Howard Kenneth Lobb

Heather MacDonald-Sorochan

Maureen Maryka

Dianne Nelson

Dawn Piché

Marcy Prior

Robin Read

Jill Paris Rody

Janice Melissa Sandholm

Sharon E. Van Essen

Julie Sabey

Daryl Lynne Wood and Anna Cox

Diane Yusko-Fielding

Nanci Cook

Yvonne Corbett

Kelly Corder

Susan Coupland

Claude Dalley

Linda Davidson

Charles DeSorcy

Robyn Discothistle

Susan Doyle

Diane Hogan

Heather Hughson

Anaïs Gerber

Carole Goodwin

Deb Idiens

Abigail Kumar

Trish LaFrance

Carmen Letcher

Amy Louise

Ruth MacLaurin

Darcy Mitchell

Susan Negrijn

Janyt Piercy

Jannine Ranniger

Nadia Rieger

Kathi Rudko

Diana Stevan

Bri Vandyke

Gerrit Keizer

Various pieces in the gallery for the 40th Annual Members's Show