Art, Music & Astronomy: Special Event at the CRAG This Week

In the spirit of artist Fiona Annis’s multidisciplinary interests in photography and astronomy, the CRAG is hosting a special event of classical music in the gallery this Thursday, August 22nd from 2 to 4 pm. An immersive acoustic performance will be a natural extension of our current contemplative, mysterious and enthralling exhibition, Fiona Annis: a […]

To Infinity & Beyond: Contemplating the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Through Photography

On July 11th, the CRAG hosted an enlightening discussion with astronomer Tony Puerzer from the Nanaimo Astronomy Society and artist Fiona Annis. Their dialogue revealed several historical anecdotes that illuminate the deep inter-relation between astronomy and photography. Though the development of the camera owes much to astronomy, the reverse is also true. July 20th, 2019 […]

Time and Space: Fiona Annis

Many of the works in this exhibition were completed in advance of Annis’s Naples residency, underscoring the importance of experimentation in the creative and scientific process. Think of how the many variations of photographic technique came to be developed. These discoveries required much study, experimentation and imagination. Silver gelatin printing refers to the material that […]

Fiona Annis: a portion of that which once was everything

NEW EXHIBIT AT THE CRAG: JULY 11 – SEPTEMBER 4 This triptych is deceivingly simple- three shapes floating in blue squares. What are these mysterious forms? Underwater creatures, meteorites, dust specks? Could they be “portion(s) of that which once was everything,” chance pieces broken off of a whole? The exhibition title, a portion of that […]