Main Gallery

Interrelations: A third perspective

solo exhibition by Abdi Osman
curated by Ellyn Walker

June 10 to August 19, 2023

Interrelations: A third perspective is a solo exhibition project by Somali-Canadian artist Abdi Osman, curated by Ellyn Walker, with contributions from local and inter-national artists and cultural workers. Interrelations explores questions of place and place-making through a focus on water. Water brings with it complex histories of global Indigeneity and diaspora, enslavement and indentureship, (im)migration and freedom-seeking. For this project, Osman responds to this complex site and its many histories in a new multi-media work made in situ, as well as through a series of collaborations with artists, writers, and activists.

Mediterranean Sea. Research image for Interrelations: A Third Perspective, 2022. Image courtesy of Abdi Osman.

Satellite Gallery

Our satellite gallery is an exhibition space located in the lobby of the Campbell River Art Gallery and Visitors Centre. Four large showcases are devoted to contemporary artwork.

Material as Archive

Artist: Marika St. Rose Yeo

Curator: Alexa Heenan

May 13- August 19, 2023

The exhibition Material as Archive, with artworks created by Marika Yeo and curated by Alexa Heenan, will focus on the premise of “search” and how we navigate our histories through materiality. For Yeo, this process consists of the physical interaction with clay as she kneads, moulds, and shapes the organic material with her hands, simultaneously contemplating the intricate relationship between raw material and its role as an archive of  knowledge for herself and others. Drawing inspiration from her ancestral roots in West Africa,  the Caribbean, Europe and Canada, Yeo pieces together unique vessels from fragments of clay that she adorns with organic, geometric and floral designs found within each cultures’ artistic traditions. As a result, each sculptural vessel embodies Yeo’s process of gathering,  layering and stitching together a material archive of knowledge, experiences, culture, and  history. 

Photos by Blue Tree Photography