Olivia Whetung, Sugarbush Shrapnel, 2019. Photo credit: CAG, Vancouver

Main Gallery

On tour from Vancouver’s
CAG, Sugarbush Shrapnel is a solo exhibition that investigates Nishinaabe artist Olivia Whetung’s connections to the ecosystem of her home territory.

37th Annual Members’ Show, 2019. Photo credit: Campbell River Art Gallery

Past Exhibitions

Explore our past exhibitions, from 2014 to 2020. For inquiries about our exhibition history that is not listed on our website, please contact the Gallery’s Curator of Contemporary Art.

Lucie Chan, What brings us together even though we all don’t share the same life? Photo credit: Lucie Chan

Satellite Gallery

How We Lead involves two artists interpreting the statement “How We Lead” to ask larger questions about: civic engagement and the arts; social well-being; leadership and community building. .

Slow Technology, 2019. Photo credit: Bluetree Photography

Permanent Collection

The Campbell River Art Gallery has a growing permanent collection that will be a community legacy for years to come. This collection is generously housed within the Museum at Campbell River.

Sonny Assu, Breakfast Series, 2006. Photo Credit: Chris Meier. Courtesy of the artist and the Equinox Gallery

Upcoming Exhibitions

Take a look at what the Campbell River Art Gallery has in store for its main and satellite galleries. Please note that our programming schedule is still being finalized due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jamelie Hassan, Souvenir of Lebanon Made in Canada, 2009, cedar. Photo credit: Sarmad Almouallem

Exhibition Proposals

Interested in having your art showcased at the Campbell River Art Gallery? We have information about our proposals process and the dimensions of the gallery listed on the link below.