The 38th Annual Members’ Show is a celebration of the talent of local and regional artists. Together the Campbell River Art Gallery and the Arts Council show our appreciation and support for local artistic talent through exhibition, supportive development, and recognition. 

Each year we are amazed by the skill and variety of the artists local to this area. We are treated to a glimpse of what drives the artists in this locale to create, with wonders of natural scenery and evocations of the beauty we are surrounded with, as well as experimentation and abstract, conceptual, and political approaches to the world in which we live.  

The exhibition draws together a diverse range of artistic practices including film, video, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, and mixed media. As described by the co-curators, The artworks presented in the “Members’ Show” invite viewers to contemplate relationships among North Island residents, the natural environment, culture, and the regions beyond. How we translate our experiences through art’s varied media is a powerful representation of the time and place we live in. How our public institutions, local governments, and population support the pursuit of culture is a reflection of our priorities and the value we place upon artistic expression. Join us in raising up and recognizing artists in the region, and culture in our communities.

The exhibition runs from June 4-June 27, 2020 in the Main Gallery.