12 February – 27 March 2015

Memento Mori: Remember you must dieYODER 12Feb.27Mar2015 2
Artist: Rachel Yoder


Yoder’s colour field paintings play with the biological tension created within the eye when two colours at specific tones are presented side by side. Yoder is concerned with this brain interpretation and how this is translated into the current aesthetic of the traditionally termed “conceptual” and “minimal” artworks in contemporary art. The interactive component urges the audience to answer a series of questions related to mortality and being that will in turn create a unique colour field to represent that person.

Artist: Nathalie Quagliotto
12 February – 27 March 2015

Conceptual found object sculpture that reconfigures everyday pre-fabricated public objects that are associated with disuse, strict social regulations, safety, and risk. Quagliotto’s sculpture offer a whimsical,  yet complex view on everyday objects. Toronto-based conceptual artist Quagliotto apprenticed under Martin Creed in London England and has shown nationally and internationally. Her work is in various collections in North America.