13 August – 25 September 2015

Like the back of my hand02 Early Morning on East 24th
Artist: Suzo Hickey
13 August – 25 September
Thursday August 13, 6:30 pm
Exhibition Statement here.

Suzo Hickey paints the West Coast urban landscape – the streets of Prince Rupert, where she grew up, and the neighbourhood of East Vancouver, where she lives now. This work is a reference to her cultural history, recognizing her antecedents as a Canadian painter, experiencing the joy of manipulating paint in this landscape.

Suzo is interested in how human meaning shows in the landscape and how painting makes it possible to see that meaning. She says, “We get comfortable with power lines and ordinary houses in less-than-picturesque communities, and this might be where we see ourselves most clearly. When I looked more closely at what was around me, I saw its importance and its beauty.” Tourists are not visiting these streets, but this is where people live. There are no iconic buildings in Suzo’s paintings and no landmarks.

By using layers of light and weather, Suzo builds landscapes over complex underpaintings of shape and colour. Even when meaning is buried, it casts a shadow.

Suzo Hickey is a painter and multidisciplinary artist. Born in 1959, she migrated from coast (Prince Rupert) to desert (Kamloops) before settling in Vancouver in 1991. She graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1994, and has exhibited around BC and the US on themes of urban landscapes, queer mothering, namecalling, narrative and death in the family.

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Are you sure?
Artist: Terra Poirier02_2013_LikesToShowOff_Detail_Poirier
13 August – 25 September

Poirier explores the intersections, overlaps and disconnections between personal memory and others’ versions of events, exposing pitfalls of memory, and the shiftability of history. These ideas manifest as new assemblage works composed from Poirier’s real and fictional memories, as well as her personal and communal stories.

Terra Poirier is a filmmaker turned photographer currently working in analog and other low-fidelity formats to create graphic memoir concerned with memory slippage and distortion. Her image/text work and award-winning films have explored themes of trauma, mothering, poverty and home. Terra’s films have screened internationally, and she has taught video production at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School, Access to Media Education Society and through the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

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