2 July – 7 August 2015

Waking GiantsMAX:Stephen exhibitionPOSTER Opening
Artist: Max Streicher

Thursday July 2, 7pm

Exhibition Tear Sheet by Clay McCann here.

Streicher’s inflatable works move the viewer from a playful and ironic headspace towards a physical connection to his or her most vital forces. Lightweight materials are brought into volume by air that animate the figures giving a sensation of deflation, shrinking, ephemerality; once coined an “antimonument” by gallerist Abhay Maskara. Streicher’s work has been shown internationally and nationally, imbuing a specific immersive experience to each space and figure.

Waking Giants is an homage to the terracotta soldiers and horses of China’s Shaanxi province (200 BC). This life-size army was made to accompany Emperor Qin Shi Huang to his grave and was ultimately intended, I assume, to assist in contunuing his earthly glory in the next life. In bringing my horses and figures to life by breathing air into them, I feel that I share something with the creators of that terracotta army. My motivation is likely of a different sort. I am not interested in an expression of might or eternity. On the contrary my, work with inflatable sculpture is always about bringing the viewer back to the body, to breath, to an inner, quiet power, and to an awareness of the tenuousness and fleeting nature of our existence. (Written by the Artist).

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The man who never was
Artist: Stephen Laidlaw 
2 July – 7 August

Mixed media installation, The Man Who Never Was is an exploration into personal identity, questioning and re-evaluating the idea of self. How is the normative social activity learned and engendered within one’s identity and everyday routine? How is this contrasted with the understanding and subsequent classification of what is ‘different’?

SPONSORED by Poppy Steele and Hans Op de Beek