Satellite Gallery

This is an exhibition space located in the busy lobby of the Campbell River Art Gallery and Visitor Centre. Four large showcases are devoted to contemporary artwork.

July 20 to November 20, 2020

Artists: Lucie Chan, Justin Langlois
Artist Facilitator: Jill Banting

This participatory exhibition involves two artists interpreting the statement “How We Lead” to ask larger questions about: civic engagement and the arts; social well-being; leadership and community building. Members of the public will be invited to free community workshops with local partners to ponder ideas of leadership for themselves.

With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.


March 1 – November 18, 2019

The work of eighteen contemporary collage artists from across Canada is presented under three separate themes in our hallway cases.

Curated by Jenelle Pasiechnik & Vicky Chainey Gagnon

March 1 – May 23, 2019
NO ORDER // The broad reach of collage

Lynda Gammon (Victoria, BC), Richard Kerr (Bromont, QC), Arthur Lipsett, Rhonda Pelley, (St. John’s, NL), Marie-Douce St. Jacques (Montreal, QC), Jacob Robert Whibley (Toronto, ON)

June 1 – August 23, 2019
LANDSCAPES OF THE INTERIOR // The mind and body of collage

Dominique Cheng (Toronto, ON), Melanie Garcia (Montreal, QC), Janie Geiser (Los Angeles, CA), Catherine Mellinger (Waterloo, ON), Rosie Schinners (Salt Spring Island, BC), Tanya St-Pierre (Sherbrooke, QC)

September 5 – November 20, 2019
VOICES AFAR // Diversity-based practices in collage

Caroline Monnet,  Bushra Junaid (Toronto, ON), Jerry Evans (Newfoundland and Labrador)

With funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.

September 20 – November 10, 2018

Artist: Carly Butler (Ucluelet, BC)
Curator: Jenelle Pasiechnik
September 20 – November 10, 2018
Satellite Gallery

Carly Butler speaks to us from the edge of the world. Her interdisciplinary work centers on nautical knowledge around navigation and survival, life by the sea, and reflects on the aches and gains that accompany the seafarer’s life.

With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.


Artist: Sonny Assu (Campbell River, BC)
Curator: Jenelle Pasiechnik
July 12 – September 15, 2018
Satellite Gallery


With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.


Artist: Marlene Yuen (Vancouver, BC)
Curator: Jenelle Pasiechnik
May 3 – July 3, 2018
Satellite Gallery

Marlene Yuen is a multi-disciplinary artist whose current focus is on handmade books using printmaking processes. Coal, Gold & War explores the history of labor and Chinese immigration in the Fraser Canyon during the construction of Canadian Pacific Railway. Marlene weaves a rich tapestry of history in beautifully handmade and detailed books that offer unique perspectives and fresh designs. Marlene Yuen acknowledges funding by the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.


Artist: Walter Scott (Montreal, QC)
Curator: Jenelle Pasiechnik
March 1 – April 25, 2018
Satellite Gallery

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 1 @ 6 pm

The Gallery has commissioned Walter Kaheró:ton Scott, a Kahnawake born artist who lives between Toronto and Montreal to create three new drawings. They come from Scott’s Wendy cartoon, a project he began drawing for fun after finishing art school in 2009. With two books in print and several exhibitions the CRAG is proud to be a stop in the Wendy-verse. The stories follow Wendy, an art school party girl, and her friends as they try to ‘make it’ in the art world. Scott’s sarcastic portrayals and distinct style are a sideways world you don’t want to miss.

With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.

Recent Kayak Sketches
Mark Igloliorte

September 29 – November 8, 2017

Mark Igloliorte is an Inuk artist, originally from Nunatsiavut Labrador, whose work focuses on painting and drawing.

With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.

Sharona Franklin

June 2 – July 12

Sharona Franklin is an emerging artist, writer and graphic designer. She is currently attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design and The University of British Columbia. Recent solo exhibitions include; This Bod is Rental, Sweetpup, Vancouver; Thuddberries Berlin as part of a studio residency. She recently published a book of poetry; Rental Bod with Publication Studios 2016.

Stone Portraits
Catherine Martha Holmes

31 March – 17 May 2017

My daily Stone Portrait paintings of 2017 are an extension of my series ‘I Navigate by You,’ of 239 paintings completed after the death of my Dad, a Master Mariner in 2015.  Where that work, honoured people connected to my life, their names hidden beneath the paint, these new paintings are often influenced by current events Worldwide. This work in progress can be followed on Instagram. @catherinemarthaholmes

Penfield Elementary, Grade 2

13 January – 20 March 2017

An exploration of line and colour by Campbell River’s Penfield Elementary Grade 2 artists in Ms. Derouin’s class.


A selection from the Permanent Collection
Judy Betts, Richard Calver, Liz Carter, George Littlechild
21 October 2016 – 12 January 2017

The Permanent Collection of the Campbell River Art Gallery currently comprises over 78 works of art by Canadian artists with strong ties to the North Vancouver Island region. The collection represents a wide range of artistic practices, including painting, sculpture, prints, and multi-media art. Artists whose work is represented within the holdings of the collection are among others, Sybil Andrews, Liz Carter, Richard Calver, Danny Coon, Lyn Farquharson, Gordon James, and George Littlechild.

New works are acquired for the collection on an ongoing basis through private donations, as well as support from the Campbell River Arts Council. The Arts Council assisted in the acquisition of our most recent work of art by Suzo Hickey, which is currently on display in the Gallery Offices. Other recent acquisitions include work by David Kilmartin and Doris Ritchie.

This collection is generously housed within the Museum at Campbell River where the works are preserved in a proper humidity and temperature-controlled room.

The Permanent Collection exists to support the Gallery’s academic use in research and teaching and community outreach. It is intended to be accessible to audiences today while being preserved as a cultural trust for the benefit of future generations.


Derya Akay: Remnants
Derya Akay
4 September – 18 October 2016

Film photographs and physical remnants from visiting artist Derya Akay’s event held on 3 September 2016. Ephemera from the special event acts as research and document as Akay’s project leads into the artist’s forthcoming 2017 exhibition. Akay created a temporary installation and hosted a dinner to local farmers, gardeners, artists and the like.

Odes to Who We Were
Emily Liteplo + Alexa Fahlman
25 June – 25 August 2016
Exhibition Statement available here.

Zine-making Workshop with Emily Liteplo
Saturday June 25, from 12 – 2pm
Vancouver Island Pride, Downtown CR
Everyone welcome! 

The exhibition explores a feminist narrative on adolescent relationships through digital prints, photographs, text and small publications, while addressing the post-internet culture they are created in.

Liteplo and Fahlman discuss the socio-political implications of womanhood through their experiences navigating relationships in a patriarchal context. Their work deals with the inherent lack of closure in social media’s ability to perpetuate relationships and their wounds.

A sense of humour emerges through their often disheartening experiences, as they turn the lens onto themselves to find closure and empowerment.

In addition to the exhibition, Emily Liteplo will be offering a zine making workshop during Campbell River’s PRIDE events on June 25th. Please join us from 12-2pm for an afternoon of collage, drawing and the creation of a small publication, located outside the Campbell River Art Gallery.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.32.19 PM

Quadra Island Studio Tour

On June 4th and 5th, visitors to Quadra Island are invited to explore the studios of island artists and to enjoy their amazing creations at the annual Studio Tour. View the artwork, chat with the artists, and learn what inspires them.

Quadra Island is situated in the Discovery Islands, a short ferry ride from Campbell River. With its breath-taking views, a welcoming island culture, rich recreation opportunities and the talented offerings of the local artists, Quadra Island is a place unequalled on the west coast.

Details can be found at and on Facebook at Quadra Island Studio Tour.

welcome       you’re welcome
Artist: Greta Hamilton

The installation is a juxtaposition, contrasting bits of my adolescence parallel each other in this space. to recreate my bedroom in a big empty case. quaint and personal, poorly lit, there are wrinkles in the sheets from sleeping. Old poems and scraps. my experience in adolescence. A mirror. Personal photos composed of the vast, hollow walls of the city. less than picturesque architecture, grey matter, for once sweet.

bedroom on display in a big empty case///big empty walls of the city are personal photographs in my bedroom

an entire town became ephemera to me.

grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup. fried bologna sandwich, vegetable soup.

The time behind the shed, the time you let me walk home in the dark, the time I almost puked.

On the roof in the summer, when we snuck into the pool and the cops came.

This is my bedroom, and this is the town where everything happened to me.
(written by the artist)

Artist: Aubrey Burke

This work by artist Aubrey Burke is created in response to capturing the dreamers in our society and the lucid state where the waking body dips into the dream reality – the place where the two realities meet.  This is explored through the mediums of flowers – which in ancient times were thought to shine through into the inner worlds where the spirits, devas, ancestors, and guardian angels live.

Aubrey Burke has a diversity of mediums following ideas and impulse to be created.  He has worked with photography, video, performance, print media and installation art.  Aubrey Burke is from Victoria BC, where he almost completed his education.  He has spent a good number of years making art as well as working with artist-run centres in Victoria.

We are young and life is long
Artists: Participants from Terra Poirier’s Photographic + Text Transfer Workshop.
August 27 – October 8

Over three days, a group of young artists worked with current exhibiting artist Terra Poirier to learn the technique of Photo + Text-based transfer to compose autobiographical artworks.

ArtistsAmy ModahlClayton McCannKiarra AlbinaShannon LesterMichael V. Smith, Terra Poirier, Corie WaughKevin McPherson Eckhoff.
9 July – 18 August

the note(sketch)book is a coveted item, a talisman often presented behind-glass post-mortem as a means for the viewer to gain further insight on process, the person (artist), the artwork. the musings, in time and space transferred onto a two-dimensional surface is an object of carried fetishization. this private space is relegated to the ruins of the individual.

this is the first incarnation of the project, and is approached as an experiment in seeking culling knowing sharing. verstehen: to ‘understand in a deep way’; when a researcher aims to understand another person’s experience, means to understand, perceive, know and comprehend the nature and significance of a phenomenon; to grasp or comprehend the meaning intended or expressed by another. the exhibition will feature a selection of note(sketch)book pages from working artists and writers.

Exhibition Statement here.

Artists: Quadra Island Studio Tour
12 May – 9 July 2015

The Quadra Island Studio Tour celebrated its 13th season June 6 + 7, featuring Quadra’s talented artist community. Visitors enjoyed art and demos in more than 20 studios, as well as the Community Centre group exhibition and bistro.

The talented artists and artisans of Quadra work in a variety of mediums, and their works can be found in many galleries, businesses, and homes across Canada and around the world.

Beautiful Quadra Island is situated in the Discovery Islands, just a ten minute ferry ride from Campbell River.

More details can be found at or on their Facebook page.

(Image: Kevin Johnson)

Artists: Cyber Fibres
2 April – 8 May 2015

The international quilting collective brought together by the internet, Cyber Fibres exhibited together on this rare and special occasion. Each Satellite Cases represented a theme in which each artist reflected upon and created an original textile work. Themes were: Spicy, Inspired by a Master Artist, Chocolate and the poem, Desiderata.

Artist: Richard Calver
19 February – 2 April 2015

Well-known artist and a founder of the Campbell River Art Gallery, Richard Calver presented a selection of his lino cut prints, with natural forms as the foundation of many of his most striking prints. As a part-time gardener, botanical images seen in “Thistle”, “Dandelion”, “Sun Flowers”, and “Skunk Cabbage” are Calver’s favorite subjects. The effect of movement, achieved through the use of strong diagonals and undulating lines, is also an important component in all his compositions. Each colour is printed individual and each image may be printed from as many as four or five blocks, with each block registered to align perfectly. Calver lives and works from his home on Quadra Island.

Artists: Timberline Secondary School
15 January – 19 February 2015

A selection of artworks from Jim Hesketh’s Timberline Secondary School art class; from acrylic painting to character drawings; this wonderful collection was a little glimpse into this talented group of students’ artwork.

Artists: Jesse Green, Brooklyn Beitel, Justine Lowgood, Ashlyn Ouellette, Laura Corbett, Sierra Alexander, Hayley Probyn, Birklee Landelis, Hannah Read, Jacob Stobbe, Angel Lapise, Jocelyn Joseph, Jordyn Goodwin, Jessica Hynes, Leigha Fane.

Artist: Pavel Barta
22 October 2014 – 15 January 2015

Pavel recently moved to Campbell River where he has an artist studio and gallery located along the Old Island Highway. His work ranges from large outdoor sculptures to small delicate works. Pavel’s sculptures are displayed in several galleries in British Columbia and are in private collections across Canada, in Europe, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.