The Chorus is Speaking: Experiencing Identities of Blackness in Canada

Ojo Agi, Syrus Marcus Ware, Charles Campbell, Jan Wade, Chantal Gibson, Karin Jones, Dana Inkster, Christina Battle

Curated by: Michelle Jacques & Jenelle M. Pasiechnik

June 11 to August 20, 2022

The Chorus is Speaking is a group exhibition that addresses misunderstood notions of the black experience, identity, and belonging. We aim to show perspectives of activism, the experiences of racism, strife and unity internal to groups and families, resistance to and pursuit of tradition as a way of exploring the multiple layers of identity, (mis)undertsanding, (dis)comfort, joy, and place associated experiences across communities. This is by no means a definitive exhibition, but an opening, a start to a necessary conversation and a welcoming for new dialogues and voices to be heard in this place.

We Are All Falling | ہم سب گر رہے ہیں

Farheen HaQ

Curated by: Haema Sivanesan and Jenelle M. Pasiechnik

September 1 to November 19, 2022

We are all Falling is an exhibition of video and textile installation that celebrates the resilience and knowledge systems of the artist’s Muslim, South Asian mother and aunties as they settled in the Niagara region, Haudonosanee territory in the 1970s.  

At the centre, is the experience of Muslim, South Asian immigrant women who travelled alone to Canada to meet their partners in arranged marriages. This project asks the following questions that reflect on the artist’s personal family history and the impacts of a global pandemic: 

How do we cope, connect and continue to create our lives? 

How can we explore new ways of thinking about survival, care and solidarity as we find ourselves in a new way of life? 

We are grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River for funding.

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