Janet Baker Art & Design

Janet Baker of Janet Baker Art & Design

Janet was born in Campbell River on Vancouver Island with an inquisitive passion for art. Throughout her life she has studied creative pursuits, with particular leanings toward jewelry-arts and ceramics.

Studying ceramics for a decade gave her a particular understanding of three-dimensional form and texture. Then after years of earring creation for friends and festivals and working at her day job for various governments, Janet decided to formalize her jewelry education.

As a graduate of the Metal Jewelry Design program at North Island College, she developed an understanding of metal properties and how to accentuate the particular characteristics of precious metals leading to clean, simple, graceful design. She launched Janet Baker Art & Design in 2017. 

Janet has lived in, travelled to and learned about art from over 25 countries which has influenced her own unique, simple and elegant style. Drawing on nature and its organic form, abstract art and its structured chaos, Art Deco and mid-century modern architectural lines, and the combination of form and function in urban design, Janet conceives her jewelry pieces.  

Great wearable art is conceived in an inventive mind. Janet sees shapes and lines in the everyday environment and combines them with her knowledge of art history, jewelry design and her love of simple shapes, to create inspired pieces that communicate pure sophistication and polished style.

Each piece is crafted by hand employing various techniques. On silver and copper, Janet forms textures, solders and patinas to add depth to her hand-hammered patterns. Her Niobium pieces are cut, shaped, textured and anodized creating vibrant colours of blue, pink and green. These metals are then combined to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. 

Janet believes that people want to feel comfortable in and be recognized for their style choices. Her wearable art gives them that – it is remarkable.

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