The Gallery would like to thank everyone that has contributed towards making our delivery of arts, culture, and programming accessible to the North Island.

Founding Visionaries

Gordon James, Sue Negryn, Ellen Latta, Ray Ludford, Joan O’Ryan, Mary Peake,  Jeanne Ralston, Doris Ritchie, Christine Thompson, and Donna Sharkey

Contributing Founders

Claude Arberry, Michael O’Sullivan, John Reimer, and Michael Utgaard

Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Funders

Past Exhibition Partners

Community Partners

Major Donors

Donald Crowson
Marna Disbrow
The Estate of Doris Ritchie


Rosalie Bellefontaine
Dawn + Steve Bencze
Hazel Bendickson
Elizabeth Carter
John + Bania Chan
Janet Fairbanks
Lyn Farquharson
Patrick Field
Kevin Godsoe + Joe Lyczewski
Avi Goldberg
Suzo Hickey
Heather Hughson
Menno Huizinga

Marilyn Lerner
Loretta Magowan
Dale Martel
Diane Melen
Kathi Rudko
Daniel Samson
Darlene Sloan
Karen Stewart
Brenda Wagman
Lauren Weisler
Marcia Wolter
And all those who asked not to be listed.

Friends of the Gallery

Kris Anderson
Jean Assmus
Verna Bailey
Sandy Baker
Patricia Boham + Will Scofield
Terri Chalaturnyk
Mona Craig
Marna Disbrow
Gary + Pam Dobbs
Lyn Farquharson
Jacqueline Gordon
Penny + Roger Gosselin
Rolf + Heather Kellerhals
Janet Lackey
Elle Lazar
Maria Lee
Brenda Matas

Denise Mitchell
Susie + Michael Moscovich
Eileen Painter
Elaine Prodor
Jeanne Ralston
Irene Ross
Kathi Rudko
Manon Staiger
Poppy Steele + Hans Op de Beek
Mary Sharpe
Nick + Liz Stoneberger
Jane Super
Jana Watt + Bob Suchy
Helen Whitaker
Marion Wood
And all those who asked not to be listed.

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