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Bricks on the floor encasing a TV that is showing a film by Farheen HaQ
A view of the exhibition میں اپنی ماں کی بیٹی ہوں | I am my mother’s daughter
Photograph with text that reads "what is your mother's maiden name?"
Farheen HaQ artist statement with photographs on a maroon wall
A photo of a ear with the writing "what is your mother tongue?"
A projection of Farheen HaQ's work on a maroon wall
white dresser displaying a piece of art
A wooden table on it's side in the middle of the gallery
Projection of a slide that says "becoming a bride is just a disguise"
A set of three portraits of a woman's face that read "they're there now"
Parchment that reads "what voices do you hear in the exhibition."
A screen capture of a film that says "the wealth of tears is no surprise"
A photo of a person covered in white cloth in a white frame
A view of the gallery during the show "I am my mother's daughter"


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