2 June – 12 July

2 June – 12 July
Emily Hill featuring Feminist Land Art Retreat

Opening Reception: Friday June 2 @ 7 PM
Performance by Vapours: Friday June 2 @ 5 PM at the Big Rock

The new exhibition Looks presents an installation of dyed rug paintings by Emily Hill in combination with a film by the artist duo Feminist Land Art Retreat.      

Hill’s rug works are made with pre-existing wool shag that she pours and smears dye on while they are horizontal on the floor. The resulting marks and traces infer the absent body that made them. These gestural textile pieces intercept parallel material histories of performance, fabric and painting.

Screened for the first time in Canada, Feminist Land Art Retreat’s film Heavy Flow features a woman’s monologue over a montage of moving images of volcanic lava. As a non-cohesive soundtrack it posits a situational environment for Hill’s dye-drenched rug paintings, and conjures a range of references to film, land art and self-help literature.

In a special event performance as Vapours, the artists will be presenting an opening act for Looks at Big Rock, the landmark boulder south of Campbell River Art Gallery. Vapours experiments with an embodied history of performance and ritual, presenting bodies in the landscape. This performance will announce the exhibition to the public, with its first act occurring outside of the institution. Additional performances will take place during the opening reception.

A text by Amy Kazymerchyk was released in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition and is available in print and online .

Exhibition Statement is available in print and online.


Supported by: Canada Council for the Arts
Sponsored by: Denise Mitchell Interiors