Our satellite gallery is an exhibition space located in the lobby of the Campbell River Art Gallery and Visitors Centre. Four large showcases are devoted to contemporary artwork.

How We Lead

Lucie Chan and Justin Langlois

July 20 – November 20

Lucie Chan, Untitled, Watercolour on ink, 2019. Photo credit: Lucie Chan
Justin Langlois, DECISIONS, DECISIONS, posters, 2016-ongoing.

Artist Facilitator: Jill Banting

Curator: Vicky Chainey-Gagnon

This participatory exhibition involves two artists interpreting the statement “How We Lead” to ask larger questions about: civic engagement and the arts; social well-being; leadership and community building. Members of the public will be invited to free community workshops with local partners to ponder ideas of leadership for themselves.

All the impactful gestures we attempt

Lucie Chan

July 20 – November 20

Lucie Chan, No Human Being is Illegal. Photo Credit: Lucie Chan
Lucie Chan, Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate. Photo Credit: Lucie Chan

Within the overarching theme of how one leads, Chan has chosen the everyday wisdom gathered from protesters’ signs found while conducting online research. The text based artwork currently on exhibit is a joint portrait, representative of personal and individual forms of communication that become public.

Full Text From All the impactful gestures we attempt, To Be Free: Everything You Most Hate and Fear

So with this in mind: don’t use free speech for hate and DON’T SHOOT.
our bodies, our minds, our power.
You all know I want to grow up in my community.
this means our minds, our power…
but to be clear:
Same shit, different century.
We all know that Canada 150 is a celebration of White Supremacy.
there is no honor in killing. Hate does not make us great.
So let’s hope, not hate.

I’d call him a cunt but he lacks both in depth and warmth.
No to war. No to Islamophobia,
Don’t use free speech for hate. Again, there is no honor in killing so stop arming mass murderers.
Strong women will change the world because women who fight together rise together. I am a woman, feel me love. Hate does not make us great. Love is not a crime. HOPE NOT HATE and then there’s this: Where are our stolen sisters?
They are our bodies, our minds, our power.


Virtual Workshop With Lucie Chan


With funding from the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia, and the City of Campbell River.