Translations by Jamelie Hassan & Soheila Esfahani–curated by Jenelle M. Pasiechnik, was the first exhibition after the pandemic shutdown, at the Campbell River Art Gallery.

Like many events in 2020, the exhibition-which was originally supposed to include an open studio during a site-specific installation and a food sharing experience-had to be rethought.

“The relevance of the show wasn’t diminished, but took on additional meaning in light of the mass changes and uncertainty going on all around us,” Jenelle wrote, in an article for ARTiculate.

Volume 4 of the journal, published February 3, 2022,  sees Jenelle reflect on her practices and experience curating Translations.

“Writing the article provided a professional opportunity to share a story about the processes of curatorial work many may not know about, and the value that comes from seeing the work of great artists like Jamelie Hassan and Soheila Esfahani,” Jenelle said. “It also provided me an opportunity to ruminate on the challenges of 2020 and how the CRAG Team faced them, adapted, and did what was needed. The relevance of the exhibition demonstrates that the pandemic brought the experience of the privileged somewhat closer to the experiences of the precarious. Art experiences help to bridge that gap, to form situations where ignorance turns to empathy, to help us lean into the discomfort, and make meaning for ourselves through the perspectives of others.”

You can read the full article in ARTiculate, here.