Curatorial Essay: Finding Sybil

Contemporary responses to Sybil Andrews Sybil Andrews was a character unlike any other who was well known for her incredible work ethic, life of pioneering and determination, and highly expressive artworks that capture the essence of the times and places she lived. There exists a legacy of exceptional research and exhibition-making that honours her name. 1 Finding Sybil: Contemporary Responses to Sybil Andrews, seeks to add to this ongoing dialogue by examining the artwork and Read more…

Floor to ceiling drawings for Sugarbush Shrapnel

Sugarbush Shrapnel, features contemporary art by Mississauga-Nishinaabe artist Olivia Whetung

On tour from Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery, Sugarbush Shrapnel is a solo exhibition that investigates Nishinaabe artist Olivia Whetung’s connections to the ecosystem of her home territory on Chemong Lake, Ontario, with a focus on the transmission of Traditional Knowledge Systems, food sovereignty, and the fragility of symbiotic relationships in an era of accelerating climate change. 

Curatorial Essay: Embodied Engagements

The artwork of Jamelie Hassan and Soheila Esfahani in Translations As curators and museum professionals, we often speak about the gallery as a place of dialogue, and the desire for visitors to engage with the artworks through embodied participation – being present – and by bringing their personal knowledge and experiences as tools for interpretation. The point at which the viewer meets the artwork and engages with it is an integral point of cultural translation Read more…

Jenelle Pasiechnik, curator of contemporary art sitting in the gallery with a dog and a child

To Curate is to Care

The word curate is now an often employed term. People looking to add cultural cache to a sock drawer or cupcake selection have taken up the term with gusto. But the work of a museum or art gallery curator still isn’t widely understood. We work by a code of ethics and receive professional training in order to take on the responsibilities associated with the profession. Inherent in the position are the long-held traditions of caring Read more…